For best results from refrigeration equipment

Pre-ordering; ensure that the specification meets your requirements and that the chosen equipment will both fit the space available and will go through all doorways. If we are delivering to site, please advise any obstructions, steps etc and any parking restriction.

On delivery, carefully check the item(s) before accepting and signing for them.

Unpack carefully and retain packaging until you are satisfied. Sometimes small parts are included and can be accidentally thrown away.

Position and level the equipment. This is particularly important with Serve-Over counters and Multidecks as defrost water needs to drain away. If the cabinets require installation or building, ensure you understand how to install or use our installation service.

Refrigerated cabinets should not be placed close to a heat source, for example cooking range or in direct sunlight. The last point is especially important for display cabinets. If necessary consider using an external blind or awning to reduce the sunlight.

With all open cabinets, avoid placing in cross draughts. These can be from open doors or windows, fans or air conditioning systems. If this is not possible, consider plastic strip curtains on Multidecks or rear doors to Serve-Over Counters.

All cabinets require the hot air produced to escape. Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation at all times, especially at night if doors are closed.

Do not set the controller at too low a temperature, not only will this increase running costs, but can also cause the cabinets to ice up. If this happens, temperatures will actually rise. If this happens, switch the cabinet off, allow to defrost overnight and then switch on and set the temperature higher.

Please note, all refrigerated cabinets except Blast Chillers and Freezers are designed to only take pre-chilled or pre-frozen foods and maintain the temperatures, trying to cool warm, even ambient foods, will have an adverse effect on the other product and also the refrigeration equipment. If you need to chill or freeze foods, use a Blast Chiller / Freezer. In addition Serve-Over Counters are designed to hold and display foods during the day and should be removed to storage cabinets or coldrooms overnight.

All Valera Multidecks include night blinds, these save energy and should be used. However, please note that they are sprung loaded and must not be simply released, but allowed to retract gently to avoid the recoil spring being damaged.

Clean the condensers regularly, as a minimum once every 3 months. Certain locations may require more frequently. We recommend that all cabinets are covered by a Planned Preventative Maintenance contract (PPM). By regularly cleaning the condensers and checking over the operation of the cabinet, you will reduce running costs, increase the life of the equipment. By not having a PPM contract in place, you may also invalidate the warranty.

Finally, read the Care and Use manual supplied with every cabinet and ensure your staff are aware of its contents.